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Copthorne's Local MOT Centre

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MOTs are required by law to ensure your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to drive. If your car is 3 years or older, you must get it tested every year. Without a valid MOT certificate, your car insurance and road tax become invalid.

Our fully-qualified technicians will comprehensively check your vehicle to ensure it’s up to standard. If any work is required, we’ll speak to you first about doing the repairs. With everything done under one roof, you’ll have your car back in no time.

It’s your responsibility


The test information is held on a central database as well as on a paper certificate and it’s the vehicle owner’s responsibility to ensure their car’s certificate is valid, not for the authorities to chase.

When Should You Get One?


Get a test in the month before the current certificate ends and the new one will expire exactly a year from the original’s end date.

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R & M Autocare Ltd is legally authorised by the Vehicle Inspectorate to undertake MOT tests. For information, please call us on 01342 719995 to arrange a Free Collection at your convenience.

When does my MOT Expire? 


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